NEW for 2014!

The Coventry Festival of Motoring 2014 was proud to present The Imagineering Show - an ALL-NEW show for 2014 co-produced by Imagineer Productions and the IET.

The Imagineering Show was a celebration of the imaginations, ingenuity and extraordinary innovation of companies in Coventry and the sub region, and will be a free showcase and interactive space that is fun for all the family.

There was a full programme of activities including:

* Demonstrations by Matt Denton with his Giant Hexapod Spider which he created for undersea gardening.  Matt is currently working on the next Star Wars movie with Harrison Ford but was able to be at The Imagineering Show courtesy of Mr Ford's broken leg.


* Flying demonstrations of the beautiful and semi-autonomously flying mechanical Hummingbird created by Nick Martin from Coventry-based Imagineer Technologies. 

* The 6-metre walking Godiva and her 10-metre-tall Cyclopedia, created in Coventry and London by Nick Martin, Artem and 17 engineering companies from Coventry and Warwickshire for London 2012.  Visitors to the Imagineering Show saw the extraordinary story of her creation and her amazing journey to London. 

* A new tricycle-powered Godiva Cavalcade for the 21st century, commissioned by Imagineer Productions and Coventry City Council - an engineering and arts project with 75 primary school children in Coventry.  The story of the project and the 4-metre tall completed kinetic structures was exhibited. 

* Exhibitions of the work of many of the region's most prestigious companies, including Jaguar, The Imagineering Foundation, BMW, Formula Gravity, Imagineer Technologies, MIRA, Coventry Robot Club, the IET, Fiat and many more. 

Coventry University Coventry City Council Coventry Transport Museum

Event organisers and sponsors: